Extreme Puppets
"Tim is the Rolls Royce of figures makers."
Valentine Vox

Standard Animations

(included in the base price): slot-jaw moving mouth, side to side moving eyes (that return to center when control is released), and full motion, ball and socket moving head.

Extra/Extra Animations

In addition to standard animations, up to three extra effects may be added to your figure at the prices listed at left. To add four or more "extras", please add the following percentage to all the effects ordered:

Four Effects add 5%, Five Effects add 10%, and Six Effects add 20%.

The reason for this charge is due to the limitations of space inside the head and the multiplied complexity that each additional effect imparts to the entire system. NOTE: Effects listed that are followed with * impose little or no problem should not be added to the "effect count". If both a Spitter and a Cryer are ordered however, this should be counted as one effect.

Additional Note: On occasion, certain combinations of multiple effects cannot be installed within the head space and configuration of a particular figure as the layout of each varies. After reviewing your order we will inform you should there be an issue.

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Generation II
Computer Geek (Nerd) $2,565  
  Satyr (Nerd) Not yet determined  
Alec (Includes upper lip effect)
Alec FX Package
Percy (Bully) $2,795  
Gangster (Bully) $2,895  
Leprechaun (Bully) $3,400  
The Drifter/Bum
Bum FX Package
Extra Animations    
Closing Eyelids (1 Control) $425  
Wide Eyed Option (1 Control) * $215  
Closing Eyelids (2 Controls) $525  
Wide Eyed Option (2 Controls) * $250  
Crossing Eyes $495  
Raising Eyebrows $425  
Raising/Lowering Eyebrows $515  
Spitter * $250  
Crier * $290  
Elbow Stick Arm Control * $75  
Handshake/Moving Arm * $235  
Lighted Glowing Eyes (iris) $335  
Upper Lip Effect $375  
Stick-Out-Tongue (Drifter and Bully only) $500  
Up/Down Eyes (Nerd only) *** $150  
Flapping Ears (Drifter & Nerd) $475  
Remote Control Capability (please inquire)  
Red Glowing Nose (Drifter only) $495  
Glowing Eyes (change color) $395  
Optional Features    
Detailed Composition Feet $275  
Tough Cote Paint Protection Included  
Headlock $70  
Custom Combover Hair $285  
Deluxe Head and Handcover
3 pc. Set ****
Custom Clothing (please inquire)  

Please refer to the ANIMATIONS page for an explanation of the various extra animations.

**Trigger Controls are available. Please inquire for specific pricing, or check back later for more updates.

***This allows the figure eyes to roll up or down and then automatically return to center when control is released. This is very effective on this character. IMPORTANT NOTE: If ordered, this effect replaces side to side movement of the eyes and closing eyelids are not available in conjunction with Up/Down Eyes at this time.

****Beautifully made of plush velour with a fine satin liner and an inner layer of resilient protective padding. The headcover is easily secured around your figure's head with a velcro strap and closure bearing the Selberg Studios Logo. Two individual handcovers are also included in each set, and made of identical materials - with the addition of integrated elastic openings to slip on easily and stay in place when packing and unpacking your Figure.
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